FTX Extensive Creditors List Finally Published

Financial advisors for a defunct crypto exchange FTX issued a detailed list of the company’s creditors, excluding the names of 9.7 million clients. Companies like Netflix, Apple, and the Wall Street Journal are among the creditors.

After being sealed for three months, the comprehensive list of FTX’s creditors was finally revealed. Netflix and Apple are listed as creditors on the 116-page list, which excludes the names of 9.7 million customers.

The list certainly offers a complete picture of how far FTX’s influence reached. It is crucial to note that a company’s inclusion on the list does not necessarily imply that it had a trading account with FTX.

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The document was filed by FTX’s lawyers as part of the company’s bankruptcy proceedings in the United States Bankruptcy Court in Delaware after Judge John Dorsey, who oversees the proceedings, sought a list of institutions that had invested in FTX. Judge Dorsey first sealed the names of individual creditors for three months.

According to the filing, FTX has debts to various companies, including universities, media outlets, airlines, and charities. The Wall Street Journal, American Airlines, and Stanford University, where Sam Bankman-Fried’s parent are working, are specifically mentioned in the list as entities that FTX owes money to.

The list includes Giselle Bundchen Charitable Giving. Bundchen and her ex-husband, Tom Brady, are well-known investors in the FTX and even had an appearance in the company’ Super Bowl ad.

The filing has also been redacted to exclude the amount owing to each creditor, however the business previously disclosed that it owes $3.1 billion to its top 50 creditors. The bankruptcy proceedings and unraveling of FTX have been long and arduous.

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To supervise the restructure, the company named John J Ray as its new CEO. Ray is well-known for liquidating and monitoring Enron’s restructuring. Mr. Ray recently told the Wall Street Journal that, despite the problems, he is looking into restarting FTX.com, FTX’s main international exchange.

News Source: cryptodaily

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