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Facebook Reels Not Showing? Here’s How To Fix It!

Facebook Reels are one of the newest and most exciting innovations to become available on the platform, but the launch of the tool was marred by a number of technical difficulties.

Although the vast majority of users who are able to use Reels should now have them available in their accounts, it may be challenging to find them.

Don’t be concerned, then, if your Facebook Reels aren’t showing! Fixing this problem won’t take more than a few seconds, and once it’s done, the Reels should be readily available at all times going forward.

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Let’s get down to business without further ado, shall we?

  1. Confirm that they are enabled for your account.

To begin with, you must confirm that your account qualifies for Reels.
No further action on this list will be effective if your account isn’t qualified.

All Facebook accounts that qualify for reels have already received them.
However, you must be using a current version of the software, and utilizing the official Meta app will give you the greatest results (rather than a third-party Facebook client.)

You should be aware that any Reels you upload yourself will be private if you are under the age of 18, even though you can still watch other people’s Reels.

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As a result, if you search for them from another account, for instance, you won’t be able to find them.

Despite this, the majority of users having problems can’t discover any Reels at all, not even those posted by other users.
So let’s look at some more solutions to this issue.

  1. Check an alternative device

For some unknown reason, Facebook may display Reels flawlessly on one device but not at all on another.

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The Reels button or section, for instance, displays on an iPad even while it is absent from your iPhone, seemingly without rhyme or reason.

So, by using a different device, such as a tablet or a computer, you may rapidly check to make sure there isn’t another issue.
If the Reels section appears on a different device, your particular gadget is the problem rather than a Facebook issue.

Thankfully, these issues usually resolve themselves with time.
So you don’t need to continue if you’re content to view Reels on another device for the time being.

Let’s continue looking for options if Reels are still not appearing or if you insist on having them on your current device as well.

  1. Check The Correct Section

Reels could be divided into different categories depending on the device you’re using to access Facebook.

This may give you the impression that they’re gone when you should just be looking in the wrong spot.
It’s unclear why Facebook rearranges content so frequently, but it sure is annoying!

Reels can currently be found in one of three locations:

A “Reels” button may be found below the space where you type your status after launching the program.

Tap Reels under the “Menu” section.

After a while of scrolling through your news stream, a widget with numerous Reels should appear.

On business pages, simply clicking on someone’s profile photo from a Reel that you’re already watching, you can see all of their Reels.

It should be noted that most Reels begin on Instagram rather than Facebook.
You should thus download the Instagram app to your device since Reels are frequently shared on both platforms.

Continue to the next repair if after looking in the aforementioned section you still can’t find your Reels.

  1. Update your Facebook application.

The Facebook app can be updated to fix several flaws on the site, including commenting issues and pages that are momentarily unavailable.

Facebook releases a lot of updates, many of which include crucial problem fixes.

Sometimes these flaws only affect specific subsets of the population, like users of a particular device.

As a result, one of the first things you should do anytime you encounter a bug or a technical issue is to see if the app has received an update.

You can do this by going to the app store on your device and selecting the “Updates” option.
Alternatively, you can use the search box to enter “Facebook” to open the app; if an update is available, it will let you know.

To download and install the most recent version of the Facebook app on your phone or tablet, simply press the update icon.

  1. Clear The App Cache 

The term “cache” refers to a group of files that have been downloaded to your device, typically to speed up program loading.

However, it’s possible for items to display incorrectly when apps release modifications to their design.
Therefore, it’s possible that Facebook Reels aren’t appearing as a result of a cache problem with the program.

Clearing the cache may seem challenging if you’ve never done it.
But it’s really fairly simple.

Follow these instructions to clear the cache for the Facebook app on Android:

Go to your Apps list in the Settings app by opening it.

Hit the Facebook app button.

The “Storage and cache” tab should be selected.

Click “Clear cache.”
Although it might not be necessary, you can also click on “Clear storage” if you’d like.

Relaunch your Facebook app again

Unfortunately, deleting and redownloading the Facebook app is the only way to remove the cache on an iPhone.

  1. Uninstall the app and reinstall it

If everything else fails, try totally uninstalling and reinstalling the Facebook app on your smartphone or tablet.

Several things will happen as soon as this:

It will completely erase all app-related data from your device and require you to download it again.

When you attempt to reinstall the program, the most recent version will be downloaded.

You will be made to log back in after being forced to log out.
This has a history of successfully resolving issues.

It can be a hassle to reinstall the Facebook app because you have to log back in.
However, since it almost always resolves issues like this when nothing else does, it is a fantastic “last resort” choice.

So it’s worth trying to see if you can finally get Facebook Reels to appear for you.


If you follow the guidelines in the previous section, you will almost certainly start seeing Facebook Reels appear.
And it’s a relief to know that once they make an appearance, they usually continue to do so.

In the event that nothing worked, including removing and reinstalling the app, we advise getting in touch with Facebook support for additional assistance.

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