EU Takes Major Step Towards Enacting Groundbreaking AI Act

Calls for regulation of AI technology have intensified as companies increasingly invest in its development. The EU has taken the lead in this regard with the AI Act, and it has now moved closer to enacting the legislation.

The European Parliament approved the initial draft of the AI Act on Wednesday. The regulation is expected to be finalized later this year after negotiations between the European Parliament, European Commission, and Council of the EU.

The AI Act aims to ensure the safe development and use of AI, including systems like ChatGPT and Bard. It places limitations on high-risk uses of the technology, like facial recognition software, and mandates more transparency from AI programmers when revealing the data used to train their algorithms.

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The present draft has provisions that forbid AI programs from generating unethical, racist, or biased information. Additionally, it highlights attention on generative AI research that complies with international human rights regulations.

The AI Act, if it passes into law, will be one of the first significant laws regulating AI technology. By doing so, the EU would surpass nations like the US and China in this regard. However, similar legislation has recently been presented in the US, with one bill requiring companies to declare the use of AI in interactions with the public and other requiring government agencies to disclose their AI use public.

Source: Androidauthority

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