Elon Musk is stunned with the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Zoom

Elon Musk was astounded by a video posted on Twitter on Tuesday by a user that caught a photo of the moon at 100x zoom using the latest Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

“I don’t know who needs to take a 100x photo of the moon, but clearly the Galaxy S23 Ultra is the phone for you,” Marques Brownlee, an American YouTuber, wrote on Twitter.

“Wow,” Musk said in reply.

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On February 1, Samsung revealed the Galaxy S23 Series to the world.

With its all-new 200MP sensor and adaptive pixels, the Galaxy S23 Ultra can capture images with incredible detail.
The rear camera can focus on subjects 50% faster thanks to Super Quad Pixel AF.

Dual Pixel focusing and Nightography are now features of the front camera on the Galaxy S23 series, allowing users to capture shots even in dim lighting.

Additionally, the dual pixel focusing systems ensure a 60% faster front camera focus.

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