Edge Getting a Browsing History Export Feature

Microsoft is working on a new feature for Edge that will distinguish it from Google Chrome. Edge Canary, which is available on Windows 11 and other platforms, now allows you to export your browsing history as a CSV file. This update seeks to make it easier to switch between different versions of Microsoft Edge or, in the future, other browsers.

This feature is now undergoing A/B testing in Microsoft Edge Canary version 117.0.2026.0, as reported by sites like Neowin and Leopeva64. Although it is still not available to user, however, when available, user will find it easily accessible without needing to navigate through any hidden settings. When the appropriate version is installed, the “Export browsing data” option may be found right in the history menu, which can be accessed by clicking the three dots in the toolbar of the browser or by going to edge://history.

Users are granted the choice to designate a location for saving their browsing history in CSV format. An alternate method to enable this feature manually involves modifying the properties by right-clicking on the browser’s icon. However, importing the CSV file and the associated history is a bit more complicated. Currently, there’s no dedicated interface for this action. According to reports from Neowin, dragging the CSV file onto an active Microsoft Edge window initiates the browser to import its contents.

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This feature’s significance lies in the fact that while most browsers permit users to import browsing history from other browsers, the ability to export this data is usually absent. Typically, browsing data is synchronized through the browser’s native account system, like a Microsoft Account for Edge, a Google Account for Chrome, an Apple Account for Safari, or a Firefox account for Firefox. Microsoft’s approach of empowering users to manage their browsing data independently of online sync methods is noteworthy. This approach reduces dependence on Microsoft for such tasks. For example, users looking to set up Edge on a new device could simply export their browsing history as a CSV file and import it on the new machine, seamlessly resuming their previous browsing activities.

It’s worth noting, however, that Microsoft Edge Canary primarily serves as a testing ground for new features. The availability of this feature in the stable version of Edge is not guaranteed. Despite this uncertainty, the introduction of this feature is promising and has the potential to greatly benefit users who value control over their browsing data.

Source: XDA

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