randonlyNewsDiscord is now providing 'Themes' to Nitro subscribers on desktop

Discord is now providing ‘Themes’ to Nitro subscribers on desktop

Discord has announced the launch of ‘Themes’ for its Nitro subscribers, giving users more ways to personalize the chat platform on desktop.

“Alongside the rest of the perks provided by your Discord Nitro subscription, you’ll be able to bring some fresh hues to your Discord views,” the company said in a blogpost on Thursday.

“Choose from theme colours such as Chroma Glow, Citrus Sherbert, Midnight Blurple, and Retro Raincloud to name a few.”

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Nitro members can check out Themes by going to aUser Settings’ and selecting ‘Appearance’.

Users will then notice a new Colour section alongside the existing Light and Dark themes. Simply choose a theme, and it will be reflected in the application immediately.

“If you wanna see what a specific theme will look like, use the Preview Themes button. You can even preview a theme whether or not you’re currently subscribed to Nitro!” the company said.

The chat platform said last week that it is updating its ‘Clyde’ bot with OpenAI technology.

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The new Clyde will respond to inquiries and hold lengthy conversations with users and their friends.

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