Clubhouse Revamps into Audio Messaging App with “Chats” Feature

Clubhouse, the once red-hot social audio platform, has reinvent itself as an audio messaging app, unveiling its new feature called “Chats.”

During the peak of the pandemic lockdown, Clubhouse experienced remarkable growth, but it subsequently faded from public discourse. Now, the platform is back with a fresh approach, aiming to compete with messaging giants.

Described as a move “to be more like a messaging app,” Clubhouse’s Chats offer voice-only group conversations, providing users with an alternative to traditional text-based chats.

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According to the company, a Chat is akin to your group texts and Instagram Stories meeting, conversing for hours, forming connections, and giving birth to a new mode of staying connected. It emphasizes voice communication, enabling users to hear their friends’ voices and interact more intimately.

Chats incorporate several convenient features, such as push-to-talk, 2x playback speed, swipe navigation, and private messaging capabilities. Clubhouse intends to make these chats fast, fun, and personal, differentiating itself from other messaging platforms.

While live audio rooms will remain a part of Clubhouse, the introduction of Chats might encourage users to check in more frequently to engage with friends, shifting the platform’s focus away from being solely a hub for live conversations.

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