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Citizen’s latest watch measures fatigue using NASA tech and ai


Citizen has unveil its new CZ Smartwatch at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023, which leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and NASA research to measure wearers’ weariness and alertness.

The CZ Smart YouQ application, which allows users to understand and predict their own fatigue patterns as well as receive tips on how to improve them for a healthier, more alert, and rested lifestyle, is at the heart of the new watch’s power, according to ZDNET.

Users can also take a daily tailored ‘Alert Monitor’ test to measure their level of alertness.

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The Psychomotor Vigilance Task Test (PVT+) is a consumer version of NASA’s Psychomotor Vigilance Task Test (PVT+), which assesses astronauts’ mental acuity.

“The latest CZ Smartwatch is a game-changing product that brings Citizen’s watchmaking legacy together with best-in-class research and technology from NASA and IBM directly to wearers’ wrists,” said Jeffrey Cohen, president of Citizen Watch America.

The more people who wear the watch, the more CZ Smart YouQ learns about them and can provide more accurate predictions and advice.

“The CZ Smart PQ watch will be available in the US, beginning March 2023 and starting at $350,” the report said.

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