ChatGPT users report that ‘pro’ access costs $42 per month

On Monday, some ChatGPT users shared on social media that they now had access to a “ChatGPT Professional” version that costs $42 per month.

The infamous chatbot’s developer, OpenAI, a Microsoft-owned AI company, has not yet released the price.

However, AI developer Zahid Khawaja shared a screenshot of ChatGPT’s pricing, which displays a monthly cost of $42. He said that a paid system answers more quickly than a free one.

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“I very wanted to pay for a plan, but 42$ is just too much”, another Twitter user wrote.

Following a tremendous reaction to their AI chatbot that can write poems, essays, emails, and even codes, the AI research organization OpenAI has announced that it will soon begin to monetize its ChatGPT platform.

The Microsoft-owned company claimed that in order to “ensure long-term profitability,” it is “beginning to think about how to monetize ChatGPT.” ChatGPT last reported over a million users.

According to Greg Brockman, President and Co-Founder of OpenAI, “working on a professional version of ChatGPT; will give higher limits and faster performance.”

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There won’t be any blackout windows, ChatGPT will respond quickly (no throttling), and you can send as many messages as you need using ChatGPT Professional (at least 2X regular daily limit)

“If you are selected, we’ll reach out to you to set up a payment process and a pilot. Please keep in mind that this is an early experimental programme that is subject to change, and we are not making paid pro access generally available at this time,” said the company.

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