ChatGPT for iOS has added Siri and Shortcuts support

OpenAI has released a couple of new iOS app updates, including Shortcuts integration. In Shortcuts, you can now build a ChatGPT prompt and preserve it as a link between the AI tool and other apps. For example, ask ChatGPT to solve an issue or check up a fact, and then message or save the response to a friend.

You may also ask Siri to open ChatGPT or create these Shortcuts. ChatGPT for iOS already uses OpenAI’s Whisper speech recognition for voice input, with Siri extending its reach even further.

A new drag and drop functionality extends ChatGPT’s integration across iOS devices, allowing you to pull messages from its UI and into other apps. It’s similar to the manual version of Shortcuts in that you can choose which approach to employ.

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ChatGPT is also going to be better supported across iPads moving forward. Previously, iPad users weren’t getting a full-screen experience when using the app — OpenAI had only formatted it for iPhone-sized displays. Now it will take up all the screen real estate you have, ideally providing a less wonky experience.

The upgrades come on the heels of OpenAI’s recent extension of ChatGPT across Apple’s platforms, with the company first releasing an iOS app for US customers in mid-May and later expanding it to 11 more countries. Before these changes, the program already synced discussions to your computer and gave ChatGPT Plus customers access to GPT-4. While ChatGPT expands its presence on Apple devices, Android users must still wait for an app.

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