Asus Zenfone 10 will mark the end of the series

In a surprising turn of events, Asus, a prominent player in the PC and smartphone markets, has set the tech industry abuzz with its unexpected organizational shakeup.

Despite initial assurances of job security, the company has embarked on a workforce reduction spree across various departments, leaving many speculating about the underlying strategy, employee implications, and the brand’s trajectory. Additionally, reports indicate a strategic decision to bid adieu to its Zenfone series of smartphones, marking a significant shift in its product portfolio.

In June, Asus made a shocking statement about a forthcoming organizational restructure that stunned its internal circles. Despite assurances that jobs would be preserved, the PC department experienced a reduction wave in July that affected employees at both its Taiwanese headquarters and its office in Suzhou, China. this appears to be just the beginning of Asus’ recalibration.

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Significant impending cutbacks within the commercial department have been revealed by recent leaks. With an anticipated 50% employee reduction, this downsizing initiative is expected to have an impact on key Asus operational units like engineering and procurement.

The commercial computer team may be strategically moving to align with the mobile phone product division, according to early communications from Asus. Insiders with knowledge of the event, however, describe a complex scenario in which even some personnel of the freshly merged mobile phone unit faced the firing squad.

Although Asus had stated that it was committed to helping affected employees with internal transfers, current events reflect a different picture. According to reports, the HR division is adopting a more hands-off approach, allowing staff to explore prospective internal positions on their own.

Interestingly, an insider shed light on the mysterious layoffs of personnel who appeared to be merged into the mobile phone unit only to be let go. It has been shown that Asus’ mobile offerings often span the ROG and Zenfone lines.

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The Zenfone lineage, however, is apparently coming to an end with the upcoming Zenfone 10, indicating a strategic shift. The fate of the Zenfone team is uncertain, with either integration into other company divisions or a direct merger with the ROG team on the table.

It is predicted that the ongoing layoffs in the commercial division will continue into the following month, highlighting a time of significant changes at Asus. Industry observers are closely following the changes as they occur and their possible impact on Asus’ market presence and future ambitions as the firm navigates its strategic realignment.

Source: Finance.technews, Gizmochina

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