Apple Watch X: Overhaul & Magnetic Bands Ahead

Apple appears to be preparing a big revamp of its iconic Apple Watch, with the “Apple Watch X” reported to be released in 2024 or 2025, aligning with the device’s tenth anniversary. Despite a series of small revisions over time, this upcoming model is expected to introduce the most significant modifications in the watch’s history.

The upcoming Apple Watch X is slated to undergo a major update, and it could feature an innovative magnetic system for attaching bands. The current system, which includes sliding and locking bands into the sides of the watch, takes up valuable internal space, restricting the possibility of future enhancements like as larger batteries.

Mark Gurman, a tech analyst for Bloomberg, has a report that suggests Apple is actively looking at a magnetic attachment system that would allow for more room inside the gadget for improvements. Although details on the workings of this magnetic mechanism in the Watch X have yet to be confirmed, this advancement may also have repercussions for band compatibility.

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In addition to aesthetic changes, the Watch X may include cutting-edge parts like a micro-LED display and sensors that can measure blood pressure. This metamorphosis may be comparable to the degree of change seen in the move from the iPhone 7 to the iPhone X, according to reports on 9to5mac, possibly indicating a changed strategy by Apple.

Earlier reports hinted at potential delays in the launch of microLED-equipped Apple Watches due to the need for production chain reconfiguration, potentially postponing the release from 2025 to 2026. However, this new report contradicts these earlier claims.

Apple’s tradition of unveiling new Apple Watch iterations with incremental enhancements has remained consistent since the original launch. Yet, Mark Gurman’s insights suggest internal discussions about potentially slowing down this rapid release cycle, as subsequent versions have shown diminishing levels of innovation.

With the upcoming Apple Watch Series 9 projected to be a minor update in the coming fall, attention is notably focused on the impending anniversary model. As Apple continues to explore radical strategies for reengineering the Watch, enthusiasts and industry experts alike are eagerly anticipating more comprehensive details regarding what could potentially become a notable milestone in the domain of wearable technology.

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