Apple to Expand iPhone 15 Pro Console Gaming to iPad and Mac

Apple is teaming up with developers to expand the gaming features of the recently released iPhone 15 Pro to its iPad and Mac lineup. In an exclusive interview with IGN, Apple executives Jeremy Sandmel, Senior Director of GPU Software, and Tim Millet, VP of Platform Architecture, delved into the advanced gaming features of the iPhone 15 Pro and the prospects of bringing console-level games to Apple’s other devices.

The iPhone 15 Pro, powered by the revolutionary A17 Pro chip, boasts a cutting-edge GPU with hardware-accelerated ray tracing. This advancement enables the seamless play of console favorites like “Resident Evil 4” and “Assassin’s Creed: Mirage” directly on the iPhone. Now, Apple aims to extend this capability to its other devices.

When asked about the compatibility of these console games with Apple’s iPads and Macs, Tim Millet stated, “The developers are going to work with us to do it.” Jeremy Sandmel further emphasized the unification of Apple’s architecture across iPhone, iPad, and Mac, making it possible to bring the same gaming experience to multiple platforms. This development hints at next-generation iPads and Macs possibly featuring M3 chips.

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One key aspect of this expansion is the built-in DisplayPort support within the USB-C port on all iPhone 15 models. This means that these devices can natively output video at up to 4K/60Hz to external displays or TVs with supported USB-C to DisplayPort cables, a significant upgrade from previous iPhones.

In response to questions about playing console games like Resident Evil 4 on external displays, Jeremy Sandmel explained that technology such as MetalFX’s upscaling allows games to run at high frame rates and deliver exceptional quality results on external displays, regardless of the display’s resolution. This means iPhone 15 Pro owners can connect their devices to 4K displays and enjoy gaming on larger screens.

While the iPhone does not yet offer a dedicated extended display mode, users can mirror their iPhone screens on external displays through wired connections and AirPlay.

Apple’s move to bring console gaming to its iPad and Mac platforms represents a major leap in expanding the gaming ecosystem across its product lineup. Gamers can anticipate a unified gaming experience that seamlessly bridges the gap between mobile and desktop gaming, thanks to Apple’s relentless pursuit of cutting-edge technology and innovation.

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Source: Macrumors

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