Apple Raises iCloud Storage Prices in UK and Other Markets by 25%

Apple recently raised the cost of iCloud storage in some countries, including the United Kingdom. This difference could be related to changes in foreign currency exchange rates. It is worth noting that iCloud pricing in the United States has not changed.

The monthly cost of iCloud storage for UK Apple customers has increased by around 25%. Several other markets throughout the world have undertaken similar pricing rises.

While iCloud+ includes capabilities such as Private Relay and HomeKit Secure Video access, the pricing tiers are mostly based on storage quotas, allowing customers to back up their images, documents, and other items in the cloud.

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Since the launch of iCloud in 2011, Apple’s free cloud storage allowance for each Apple ID has been set at a meager 5 GB. There are presently three tiers of paid iCloud+ plans: 50 GB, 200 GB, and 2 TB.

Earlier this week, Apple in the UK charged £0.79 per month for 50 GB, £2.49 for 200 GB, and £6.99 for 2 TB. These costs have now increased by an average of about 25% to £0.99 per month, £2.99 per month, and £8.99 per month.

Other countries like Poland, Romania, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Sweden, Tanzania, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates have all seen similar pricing adjustments.

It is important to note that the Apple One package also includes access to iCloud storage. The cost of the Apple One hasn’t changed, though, as of yet. (Apple services, including Apple Music, TV+, and Apple One, experienced a global price increase last fall.)

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Source: 9to5mac

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