Apple Offers Depth and Water Seal Test for Apple Watch Ultra

Apple has unveiled a “Depth and Water Seal Test” for Apple Watch Ultra owners who wish to check whether their depth gauge and seals are operating properly.

“The Depth and Water Seal Test determines whether your watch’s depth gauge and seals are working properly at the time of the test,” the tech giant explained on Friday on a support website.

The tech giant will first visually perform the Watch Ultra’s exterior for cracks or other damage. If there are no obvious flaws, the company will test the system’s water seals and depth gauge.

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The iPhone manufacturer advises users to send their Watch Ultra for testing if they would like to test the depth gauge’s performance or if they believe they may have damaged the watch unintentionally.

Owners will get their watch (or a replacement) within seven to ten business days of sending it to the company.

“If your Apple Watch Ultra has unseen damage, the Depth and Water Seal Test may leave the watch inoperable and may result in a replacement fee if the device is not covered by the Limited Warranty, or by any applicable consumer protection laws or regulations,” apple explained.

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