randonlyAppleApple may unveil a new HomeKit architecture in iOS 16.4

Apple may unveil a new HomeKit architecture in iOS 16.4

Apple’s new HomeKit architecture will reportedly be available in iOS 16.4.

However, it is unclear whether the update would be a new version or a bug fix, as per AppleInsider.

The information was gleaned from a code found in public smart house standards.

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In December of last year, Apple temporarily removed the ability to switch to the new HomeKit architecture on its devices.

The iPhone maker issued the statement after some users reported concerns and issues with the Home app after installing the upgrade on iOS 16.2 devices.

Users have complained of problems with HomeKit devices showing a “updating” or “configuring” status for an extended period of time, devices missing completely, invitations to share the home with other users failing, HomeKit Secure video recording not working, and many other things.

Later on in the month, it was revealed that the HomeKit architecture would be released by the company in the iOS 16.3 beta.

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