Apple Drops iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 Public Betas

Apple has just released the third public beta of iOS 17, just a few days after releasing the fifth developer beta. This puts the timeline back on track, implying that future upgrades will most likely be weekly until the Release Candidate (RC) version is presented around a week before the iPhone event. In essence, we have reached the end of the development process.

Users who are a part of Apple’s beta testing program can get the iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 upgrades by going to the Settings app, selecting General, then Software Update, and then enabling the iOS 17 Public Beta option.

The iPhone now has a new StandBy feature in iOS 17, which allows it to function as an information center when put horizontally and connected to a charger. This mode displays the current time, Live Activities, incoming notifications, and a range of widgets.

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Widgets on the Lock Screen and Home Screen are interactive in iOS 17, allowing operations such as controlling smart devices or checking off Reminders without opening separate apps. Autocorrect has been enhanced and made more user-friendly, allowing you to correct errors with one click.


AirDrop will also be improved in iOS 17, with the addition of NameDrop. When you tap your phone against another person’s device, you may instantly share contact information, eliminating the need for traditional business cards or tedious note-taking of phone numbers. Furthermore, iOS 17 includes Contact Posters, which are customisable poster that callers will view when you contact them. Text, memoji, or even a personalized portrait can be included.

iOS 17 is expected to be available for general users starting from the week of September 18, making it accessible to the public a little over a month from now.

Source: Macrumors, Androidheadlines

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