A NASA rover discovers surprising evidence of water on Mars

NASA has taken to its website’s blog and social media channels to publicize a discovery made by its Curiosity rover.

Per the space agency, Curiosity team members believed they had spotted the last evidence of ancient lakes spanning the region the rover is presently exploring.

The team’s skepticism stemmed from rock layers where Curiosity is stationed developing in substantially drier conditions than locations the rover has previously explored.

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Curiosity has recently discovered its most convincing evidence of Mars’ wet history than it has ever uncovered, to the surprise of researchers.
Mount Sharp’s foothills have been traversed by Curiosity since 2014 because NASA thinks the 3-mile-tall mountain would have formerly had a lot of streams and lakes, making it a great setting for any ancient microbial life.

As per NASA, Mount Sharp is made up of layers, with the oldest ones near the mountain’s base and the youngest ones at the peak.

Curiosity is gathering data on the landscape’s evolution as it ascends the mountain, helping scientists better grasp the planet’s history.

The Curiosity mission’s most convincing discovery of ancient water on Mars is seen in the image below.

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A NASA rover discovers surprising evidence of water on Mars

“Billions of years ago, waves on the surface of a shallow lake stirred up sediment at the lake bottom. Over time, the sediment formed into rocks with rippled textures that are the clearest evidence of waves and water that NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover has ever found,”explains NASA.

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